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                            "BEFORE"                                    Proposed "AFTER" / Conceptual Design

If you are planning a Remodeling Project or Room Addition for your existing home and are frustrated because you don’t know where to begin, Terranova Home Design can help.


Perhaps you are envisioning a new one-of-a-kind Custom Home, because you

can’t find a floor plan that suits all of the unique needs and tastes of your family.


For whatever design dilemmas you may have, the Residential Design & Drafting Services of Terranova Home Design can provide the personal attention that you and your project needs


                                "BEFORE"                                               Proposed "AFTER"

My name is John Terranova and I am hopeful that your review of this website will inspire you to meet with me in-person so that I can explain further why I would be a great, "no-risk" choice to fulfill your Home Design needs.


My career as a Residential Drafter began in 1990 working in numerous settings with Homeowners, Architects, Builders, Engineers, and Building Materials Suppliers. My Residential Design portfolio is shaped by a unique combination of skills acquired as an employee in Architectural Firms along with formal education in Art, Architecture and Teaching. In 2002, I began freelancing, and became so fascinated with the process of helping homeowners achieve design goals for their homes that ultimately, in 2007, I established Terranova Home Design, L.L.C. with the purpose of providing excellence in Residential Drafting & Design Services at reasonable fees.



Clients of Terranova Home Design quickly realize the many benefits gained from the output of my work, which is usually in the form of CAD drawings that I produce as a tool to effectively communicate detailed design solutions to homeowners. My work also enables homeowners to seek accurate and competitive “apples-to-apples” bids. This process empowers homeowners with the ability to make informed decisions that affect the quality of the finished home and the costs of construction. Terranova Home Designs are always designed in strict compliance with all applicable building codes and can be submitted for building permits. Clients of Terranova Home Design gain a better understanding of what to expect during construction and are less likely to experience “surprises” and costly changes in the field, saving homeowners headaches, time and money.                                         




The mission of Terranova Home Design is to do whatever it takes to help you make your ideas, visions, goals and dreams for your home a reality. Terranova Home Design strives to be the best value that you can find for Residential Drafting and Design Services.


Clients of Terranova Home Design are generally those that demand a designer to be extremely passionate about the sensitive and challenging task of designing a home.



The home designs I produce are the end-result of a thorough process of attentively LISTENING to all of the needs and desires that my clients communicate to me regarding their home. I continually strive to produce thoughtful designs packed with warmth, character and style while being aesthetically unified, builder-friendly, and within budget. I diligently work to exceed all expectations of function and aesthetics as if every home I design were my own. When discussing the process of designing your custom home and/or residential building addition, my experience has taught me the importance of knowing what questions to ask clients, and how to implement all stated design goals, needs and desires that are intended for the home into the project. Effective communication is critical throughout every aspect of the successful design & construction of a home. Without effective communication, it is impossible for any designer to successfully formulate your dreams and visions into reality.


            Rear of Home "BEFORE"                   Proposed Conceptual Rear Elevation Design / "AFTER" 


  Terranova Home Design can tackle the most demanding of homeowner concerns such as marketability, site conditions, curb appeal, aesthetics, furniture layouts, millwork & finishes, building materials, plumbing, structural, electrical & mechanical considerations, construction techniques, and energy efficiency…just to name a few. Terranova Home Design pledges to work ruthlessly until homeowners are excited about the design possibilities that I can help to make happen.


I do NOT require payment for my services if I am unable to achieve total client / homeowner satisfaction. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by offering me the opportunity to help you become excited about the possibilities for your home.


Rates for my services are $50/hour,

I am confident you will find the value of my work to be, at the very least, comparable to, if not better than, that of my residential-design competitors.

My approach to home design is simple...I put my heart into every home design opportunity I am given. I bring passion, creativity, experience and diligence into all aspects of home design. Terranova Home Design understands that even the best-looking designs are useless lines on paper if they are NOT buildable and/or meet budget.

Clients of Terranova Home Design can expect a refreshing, stress-free working relationship because my experience and commitment to my clients will enable us to avoid the pifalls that commonly occur between homeowner and designer--such as paying too much for drawings that cannot be constructed and/or fail to meet the budget for construction. I have met far too many homeowners who have had negative experiences working with designers. Terranova Home Design recognizes that in order to thrive in the always-competitive construction industry, a designer must embrace a very high level of commitment to client-satisfaction.

At the upper-left portion of this page you will find links that will provide you with further information about my services and you can view additional color images of my work by clicking on the " portfolio" link.

In addition to serving the needs of Homeowners and Contractors, Terranova Home Design can fulfill any outsourcing drafting & design needs that Architects and many other Design & Building Professionals might have.

Terranova Home Design strives to enlighten and empower its clients. It is my philosophy that my clients should not be confused about, or unaware of what to expect when hiring a Home Designer. Clients of Terranova Home Design can depend on fulfillment of tasks that are pledged, by whatever deadline is agreed upon. In terms of design fees, clients of Terranova Home Design know what drawings or services they can expect to see / review, and how much the associated fees to prepare such will cost. Design fees are never open-ended and I always provide clients with written "not-to-exceed" fee estimates. 

                      "BEFORE"                                                     Proposed "AFTER" 

I thank you for taking the time to visit this website. I hope that you find the information presented helpful and that we can discuss, in detail, the needs and dreams you have for your home.

John Terranova
Residential Designer

John Terranova – Residential Designer
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