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Rates for Design Services are $50 per hour and are independent of construction costs.

I typically request reimbursement as required for expenses which may be incurred while providing Drafting / Design Services. Examples of possible expenses that usually occur are listed below, but are not limited to the following: Extensive Mileage Extensive Driving Time - Drafting Supplies - Modelmaking Materials Photograph printing - Extensive Photocopying - Blueprints Color Rendering Supplies and other Reproductions. At the request of the Owner / Client, I will provide receipts and/or a written record for any items requiring reimbursement.

I will coordinate with any engineers that may be required for consultation for the project, but only with the written / or electronic consent from the owner / client. I will review the work of the engineer for compliance with the design parameters of the project at the expense of the owner, through the agreed upon design fees.

I am willing to work as a team player in conjunction with owner / client and / or Contractor to submit the required drawings and other documentation for permit application, at the expense and option of the Client, through the agreed upon design fees.

I am willing to respond to any questions that may arise of the plan examiner or other building department officials, however, there may be additional fees to the owner / client may be incurred. If there is a conflict with the design solution as set forth by the building code or local ordinances, I will provide corrections at no charge.

I am willing to work as a team player in conjunction with Owner / Client and / or all agents of Construction to rectify code discrepancies and/or design-related issues during plans examinations and field inspections.

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