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Phase 1: Existing Drawings – This design phase applies to new residences but is primarily relevant to projects where a building addition is being considered. For new residences, a site plan or boundary survey of the property is typically needed in order to properly locate the home with respect to property lines, setbacks, easements, grades and other site specific items. In order to design a building addition, the Designer must have a thorough understanding of the existing building and the existing site. If no drawings are available of the existing building and/or site, the owner / client and/or Designer must conduct research, obtain existing drawings from other parties, or perform field measurements and observations as needed to draft the existing residence in a fashion suitable to perform design services for the project.

Phase 2: Schematic Design – This design phase involves coordination between the owner / client and Designer to generate a clearly defined design with a comprehensive scope of work, often referred to as a “program”. A bubble diagram may be used to develop a program or design concept for the project. In this phase the Designer will generally brainstorm ideas and concepts by producing quick sketches on inexpensive “Bumwad” tracing paper at a small scale to help organize spatial relationships and establish a building form for the project. In this phase the Designer provides the Client with scaled drawings (generally colored renderings) that are easy to read and understand because dimensions, symbols and notes are omitted so that novice readers of architectural blueprints will find them to appear less cluttered than the drawings in Design Development phase. The Designer will generally develop the basic floor plan layouts for each level and the exterior elevations (how the project will appear if standing outside it with a vantage point of looking directly perpendicular to it from each side) what the project may entail.

Phase 3: Design Development – This design phase concentrates on the refinement of the schematic design phase. Dimensions and notes are added to the drawings. Rough Openings for Doors & Windows and other project specifics are developed. In this phase the Designer will develop the basic cross-sections (drawings that show views that “cut” or “slice” through the building) needed to clarify how the building components for the project will create the form. The Designer will develop a basic concept for the Mechanical, Electrical and Structural systems for the building. The Designer will likely conduct ample research to verify compliance with building codes. The design development phase offers the Client the last opportunity to provide the Designer with design input before progressing to the next design phase. The Client should understand that the distinctions between the Schematic Design phase and the Design Development phases are not always clear cut and can easily overlap.

Phase 4: Construction Documents – In this phase, it is my goal to provide the relevant construction professionals with as much information about the project suitable to obtain accurate subcontractor and supplier bids, apply for permits, and to construct the project. In this phase I will typically work with a variety of building professionals and suppliers to help identify building components in more detail. In order to accomplish this, a level of detail drawings for further clarification may be needed beyond that of original construction documents.

Prior to beginning design services for any and all of the above design phases, I will provide the owner / client with a written estimate for review and approval.

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